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VR Business Brokers has been the industry leader for over 40 years and has the distinction of having sold more businesses in the world than anyone else. In fact, we’ve been rated the number one Business Brokerage in the world for 16 of the last 20 years. We couldn’t do that without satisfied buyers. Our goal is clear; to maximize the value you derive from buying a business.

Working with a professional firm greatly enhances the probability of finding the right business for sale and realizing a successful business purchase. The closer you examine the arena of buying a business, the more apparent it becomes that a VR business intermediary should be your first and only choice. The reason is simple, every VR intermediary provides their client with exactly the same level of service and professional resources that a large institutional client expects from the finest investment bank. That’s why VR stands for Valued Representation.

We Protect Confidentiality: Before you can learn about a specific business for sale, you must agree to and sign our Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement. Confidentiality is a two-way street and we protect your identity so you can search for a business without any concerns. We also use the latest technology of Virtual Data Rooms to share information with you about the business you’re interested in.

We Help Our Buyers: We engage with all buyers personally to determine that you have the required skills, interest, qualifications and finances are in place before we discuss any business. A serious buyer should be committed to the process of buying a business and we’re committed to helping you find a business that is a good fit for your lifestyle and financial requirements.

We Educate Our Buyers: Experience has proven that an educated buyer is more likely to complete the sale of a business. Our “Buying a Business” presentation and support are just two of the ways we have to help our many buyers achieve their dreams.

We Complete the Team: The buying of a business is a decision that can have lifelong ramifications. In addition to having the right business broker, you’ll have access to our professional network of attorneys, accountants and other professionals to ensure your needs are met and interests are protected.

We Analyze the Business: One of the most difficult aspects of acquiring a business is understanding how much money the business owner is truly making. That’s why we only offer professionally valued businesses for sale. The first step we take in determining the true cash flow of a business is to examine and recast the financials. Once we have examined the financial statements and determined what personal expenses, discretionary spending, non-recurring charges, owner’s salary and EBITDA items should be added back, we have completed the recasting of the financials. Now we have a very clear understanding of what the true cash flow of the business is and that transparency puts your mind at ease.

We Insist You Be Protected: Many other business brokers engage the services of a third party attorney to draft the legal documents necessary to transfer the business. This person cannot completely represent the needs of both the buyer and seller. Our office strongly advises against this method. The legalities of buying a business can be complex. The dedicated representation of your attorney is just as critical as the professional VR broker you’ve engaged.

We Manage the Transfer: We coordinate the activities of the “teams” involved in the transfer. We work with attorneys, accountants, landlords, bankers, insurance companies, regulatory agencies, financial advisors and anyone else involved in the process of transferring ownership to you. We keep things moving, we don’t sit back and wait for things to happen.

When searching for a business for sale, make the decision to put peace of mind and the potential to secure the best possible outcome for yourself at the forefront of the process.

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